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Carousel Post Support on Symphony

The Symphony team is excited to officially announce our Facebook Carousel post feature!


Carousel posts are a great way to grab a user’s attention, optimize screen space, and maximize the information a user sees at first glance.

Given Facebook’s large, and increasing mobile audience, usage of screen real estate is more important than ever. This is where the Carousel post excels. Let’s look at a normal post, showing your audience one picture, one caption, one label, and one description:

posted normal

Now, a Carousel post:

posted carousel

Even if the user does not scroll through all the images, they get a glance of multiple things.

In addition to increased info, because publishers are not taking full advantage of this feature, Carousel posts tend to stand out. It’s no wonder why viewers engage with Carousel posts more.

Creating a Carousel Post from Multiple Links

Let’s walk through making a Carousel post of super bowl articles from The Ringer, a sports and pop-culture blog. First, copy & paste a link into the Crosspost window. If you’re using the Crosspost browser button, then just click that button and it’ll pick up the link of the page you’re on. Once you paste the link, Crosspost will scrape it and fetch the article title and images. You’ll see something like this. Notice that the preview on the right side doesn’t show a Carousel post yet. This is the standard post style:

Single Image Post

Converting the Post into a Carousel Post

When you paste the second link in the Crosspost window, the post becomes a Carousel post. The first link pasted is the first item in the Carousel, and the second link is the second item. The first item here is about Falcon’s QB Matt Ryan, and the second link and item is about the Patriot’s Tom Brady:

Two image post

BAZINGA! That is how you create a Facebook Carousel Post with different links.

Creating a Carousel Post from One Link, and Multiple Images

To create a Carousel of multiple images that use the same link, paste a link into the Crosspost window, then add your own image to convert the default post into a Carousel post. Click on the image icon in the bottom left side of the window. This will reveal the built-in image search feature. Here you can find public domain and Creative Commons images that you can attach to your post directly. Or if you want to use an image from your computer then just drag & drop it over the Crosspost window.

one link and image selection

Now both items in the Carousel use the same link.

Edit Labels and Captions, and Remove Links

Every part of a Carousel item is editable. If using a link, you can scroll through thumbnail images that Symphony automatically scrapes from the destination. Carousel item labels and descriptions are also editable, just click on it to edit. Here you can see the second item has a different label and description, and the post has a caption (the author seems to appreciate a good logo):

one link one image edited desc and post caption

You are now a space optimizing, attention demanding content expert!

Carousels have proven to be more engaging than regular posts, and as you have seen, they allow you to show the viewer more information at a single glance. In one of the next few posts, we will be outlining the data behind the increased engagement. We will also be covering very exciting 360 degree video support, stay tuned!

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