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7 Reasons All Marketers Should LOVE Images

380 billion images were taken last year alone, making it clear that every marketer needs to embrace, and yes, LOVE images in social media. If you’re not sure why you should love images, these 7 Reasons will help clear things up.

image memes have high share %1. Photos get 53% more likes, 104% more comments, and 84% more click-throughs

These numbers alone should be the only indicators a marketer needs to start using images in every single one of their social media posts. Images grab attention, tell stories, and convey emotional elements, which make them resonate with users longer, stimulating engagement, and maximizing shares.

Facebook news feed utilizes images

Facebook news feed highlights images

2. Facebook fans are 40-150 times more likely to engage with your content in their news feed than on your fan page

Facebook’s Edgerank algorithm, which determines what users see in their news feed, is based on the activity and engagement your fans have with your content. If your fans are not engaging with you, they are not going to see most of the things you post. Using photos in your social media posts will increase engagement dramatically.(Refer back to #1). BONUS – if you are engaging your current fans, you will tap into “friends of fans” and increase your reach up to 34 times over.

images are most viral psot type on facebook

Hey Girl

3. Images are always the most viral post type on Facebook

No matter what social media platform you are using, getting your posts seen by your fans should be your top priority (if it’s not, you shouldn’t be on social media). Even if you are in a time crunch, simply posting some text to get a new message out will no longer cut it. Find an image that ties in with your message. In fact, 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual content. Research conducted by Pagelever revealed that the “average post” only reached 7% of its fans daily. Increasing your engagement with images in social media posts will increase your visibility. People prefer visual content and consequently Edgerank prefers visual content.

use images in posts for better engagement

Tiffany & Co. uses quality images to increase likes

4. Photos make up 93% of the most engaging posts on Facebook

Follow in the footsteps of big brands with lots of fans. Companies that are utilizing images in social media posts are seeing HUGE results. One month after the introduction of Facebook timeline for brands, photos saw a 65% increase in engagement. See how many posts you can find on Oreo’s fan page that DON’T include images – it will take you a while.


Post larger photos to facebook

Bigger pictures are more engaging

5. Bigger IS better

Link previews are not engaging. Link previews pull thumbnail images that are small and hard to see – making them easy to overlook in the news feed. If your goal is to drive traffic, you need to be noticed! Highlight your posts by using large images to showcase your content. When choosing your image, make sure to choose something that is intriguing on it own, relevant to what your content is, and will instantly grab the attention of whoever sees it.

Bad Facebook post

This post doesn’t look compelling at all

6. Links with photos receive 2 times more likes than text posts and link posts combined

In a study of their own Facebook posts, Hubspot found that posts that contained a photo and a link received 84% more link clicks than the “regular” text and link posts that had no photo. There are plenty of royalty free, creative commons images out there to choose from, so don’t sweat it if you don’t have your own image to use. Symphony has an exclusive built-in image search feature that suggests images when you don’t have one or can’t find one you want – saving you from ever having an ugly post again.

Customers love images


7. Your customers LOVE images

People prefer consuming visual content. Those same people are your potential leads and current customers. When is the last time you have logged into Facebook and not seen a SomeEcards image? Pinterest now boasts over 70 million users and Instagram has 120 million + monthly active users who post 45 million photos a day. Facebook users share 300 million images each day. That’s a lot of people connecting with images!

Symphony, the best social media tool for image lovers, was developed to help you maximize the power of your social media presence. Not only does Symphony have exclusive features to help make every one of your posts more beautiful and engaging, it’s an an all-in-one dashboard to curate, publish, monitor, and manage all of your social media content. Join our community of image lovers and make your online presence your most powerful marketing asset.

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    • LinkedIn pages are starting to gain traction and we plan to support them, but we have a few big and important updates to do before that. Thank you for the suggestion.