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Announcing: Image Sharing Widgets

Hover over Me

You know how there is a ton of sharing widgets that you can put on your blog, right? They encourage your visitors to share your posts to their social networks. But, interestingly, there aren’t any that allow your visitors to share your pictures! It’s a big missing feature, isn’t it? After all, if you use an amazing image in your post, wouldn’t it make sense to let your readers share that image to their social networks with a link back to your post? That’s what we thought.

Today we’re releasing a simple sharing widget that you can put on your Website or blog to make sharing your pictures easy and fun. Once you add the simple code to your template, it will make all the images on your site sharable. When your users hover their mouse cursor over your images, a small Crosspost button will show up to encourage them to share that picture with a link back to your site. It’s simple, and it’s totally free for you and for your visitors.

Hover over the picture on the side to see this in action. It’s cool, right? And it’s easy to add to your site: Get Your Widget Here.