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How to Automatically Add Images to your Tweets

It’s not surprising that tweets with images stand out in the feed and get 313% more engagement than tweets without images. So it stands to reason that when you share a link to your blog post, you should attach an image to it, right? Right. Yet, most people don’t do it because it’s a pain. Download the image, save it to your computer, compose a tweet, and then upload the image to Twitter. To simplify the process, let me explain how to get that done with one click using the Symphony Crosspost tool. This is one of the free features available to everyone on Symphony. And if you use the Crosspost browser extension, also free, then you can do it from anywhere on the Web.


But first, let’s look at an example. This is the same tweet with and without an image. If you’re like me, the second tweet catches your eye first. Not only it’s more attractive, but Twitter also enlarges the font size to make it more prominent. Normal tweets user a 16px-font, but tweets with images use a 26px-font. That’s 63% larger.



Extracting Images from Links Automatically

Let’s walk through posting a link to a Mashable article. First, copy & paste the link into the Crosspost window. If you’re using the Crosspost browser button, then just click that button and it’ll pick up the link of the page you’re on. Once you paste the link, Crosspost will scrape it and fetch the article title and images. You’ll see something like this. Notice that the preview on the right side doesn’t have an image yet. This is the standard tweet style:




Now click on the Post as Picture checkbox, above the preview. The preview will change to this:



And that’s it! Click “Post” to publish your link with the attached image. And if your article has more than one image you’ll see arrow buttons over the image that allow you to go back and forth between the available images and choose the one you like.


What if my post doesn’t have an image?

Or what if the image in the article is too small? or not as impactful? No problem! Crosspost allows you to add your own image to replace the default. Click on the image icon in the bottom left side of the window. This will reveal the built-in image search feature. Here you can find public domain and Creative Commons images that you can attach to your tweet directly. Or if you want to use an image from your computer then just drag & drop it over the Crosspost window.



Any other interesting features?

Yes! Many. I’m planning to write a few more blog posts explaining the other unique features in Crosspost that we haven’t covered yet. But for now, I’d like to hear from you: we’re considering making this an option in Syndication so that your blog posts are auto-shared with images by default. If there is enough demand for such option, we’ll go ahead and build it. Let us know in the comments.


Improve your tweets with Images ❯



  1. Yes! Sounds great to do it automatically with the picture add ons.

    Steve Martin
    Love For His People, Inc.
    Charlotte, NC

  2. Would love that images are added to blog posts. Would make a huge improvement in being recognized