Symphony is an all-in-one dashboard to publish, schedule, and manage your content on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin.

Share Blog Posts as BIG Pictures on Facebook

Symphony Crosspost, the publishing tool within our suite, lets you share your blog posts as big pictures. Different than copy-pasting your blog link directly into Facebook, which shares the post as regular link along with a thumbnail picture, Symphony publishes the link as a big picture and adds the text in the caption.

Bloggers understand that their blogs need to be interesting and engaging in order to attract and retain readers. While it is the content and context of each blog post that keeps readers coming back, adding images to accompany each post is an important part of attraction.

The same principles apply to using social media to attract readers. Social media is all about headlines and images. If both are not unique and/or compelling, no one is going to click on them to read more. On Facebook, considering their updated news feed algorithm, if your posts aren’t drawing engagement, it’s actually better not to share them at all. But that’s a different conversation altogether.

How to Select Blog to Share on social media

People are more likely to click on a post with a picture than one without a picture. People are also more likely to click on a big picture that a small one. Sharing your blog as big pictures on Facebook can help increase your click-through-rate (CTR).

post blog as BIG picture on facebook

Because we know writing strong, sharable blog articles take considerable time, we made adding the pictures incredibly fast. If you haven’t found that perfect image for your blog post yet, but still want to get it out on social media, our tool will suggest a picture for you based on the content.

Spend your time writing great posts, not figuring out how to share it on social media! Give Symphony a 30-day free trail and watch your readership grow.