Symphony is an all-in-one dashboard to publish, schedule, and manage your content on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin.

How to Win the Social Media Attention War

Do you think you could fully describe the majesty of the Grand Canyon to a stranger who has never seen it in less than ten seconds?  Most would agree that ten seconds would not do the Grand Canyon justice.

Image editor in social media management

Studies have shown that on the Internet, you have a mere three seconds to capture a viewer’s attention before they move on.  Like trying to describe one of the seven wonders of the world to a stranger in ten seconds, it would seem just as impossible to convey all the benefits of your business in three fleeting seconds.

Or is it?

To be successful in the crowded social space, you must find ways to capture your viewer’s interest and give them a reason to want more. In mere seconds, your potential customers must be able to see the benefits and values your business or service is offering. Do your social posts pass the blink test?

On Facebook, we recently posted an image of a mountain range with overlaid text that read, “describe this image with only text.”  58% of the comments were one word replies such as “beautiful, gorgeous, breathtaking, sublime, and enchanting.”

While certainly quick and accurate, none of those words alone, however, can truly describe what they really look like. Would anyone use the word “awesome” to describe their entire business model to someone who had never heard of it before?

The solution to the attention war is the same today as it was hundreds of years ago. Combining strong visuals with the right text helps show what makes you or your business special.

According to published research by Princeton University, people form an opinion on whether they can trust someone in one-tenth of a second. Likewise, you have three precious seconds to help your visitors make a decision on whether or not they feel comfortable enough with what you are offering to give you more of their time. Posts that embrace the “less telling and more engaging” method have proven to be the most effective way to earn trust (even if it’s short lived) on social media.

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Make sure you are winning the social media attention war by using strong visuals that complement your message.  Businesses need pictures to help show why they are awesome. Symphony is the best tool for using pictures to say what words can’t explain.  You have three seconds. Use them well.

PS – We just released a big update. Now you can edit images in our publisher. Read more about it here.



Symphony Adds LinkedIn Integration

We just released another update to our social media dashboard – LinkedIn integration! Now you can monitor, manage, and publish to your news feed and groups from one place. Here is a quick overview of the new features.

Connecting your LinkedIn Profile and Groups

The first step is to add the profiles and groups you want to manage through Symphony. Do that from the home page by clicking “Add Profiles & Blogs”.

Add LinkedIn to Social Media management tool

Posting Status Updates, Links, and Pictures

We wanted to make reading and interacting with multiple groups as streamlined as possible to save you time and effort trying to keep up. You can create a “new post” and Crosspost immediately to each place in LinkedIn you would like.

Post to LinkedIn groups

Read and Interact from One Place

The Symphony Reader allows you to view and interact with all of your connections and group members from one single page. From the Reader you can “Like” and “Comment” on news feed and group posts.

Social Media Management tool for LinkedIn

Setting up your Publishing Schedule

Don’t bombard your connections with a flurry of back-to-back posts. Add LinkedIn posts to your queue and have your messages go out throughout the day. Every time you Crosspost, you have the option to “Post Now” or “Queue.” Clicking on the Queue button adds posts to your calendar. To add and change the times on your publishing calendar, go to the Auto Post menu. Once there, select the LinkedIn group you manage and add more scheduling times and days.

Scheduling posts with linkedin

Automate Publishing your Blog Posts

There’s no longer a need to manually share your blog to all of your LinkedIn groups. Set up the automated blog publishing option in Symphony and as soon as you publish your blog posts, it will be shared on LinkedIn. Go to the Auto Post menu and then click on “Blog Syndication” to get started. Select the group/s you want your blog to automatically publish to. You can select to auto-publish to your profile and the groups you’re an admin of.

Add blog to linkedin

auto-publish blog to LinkedIn

Using Symphony to manage your LinkedIn account will change the way you engage with your connections. Start sharing your content with professionals in your field.