Symphony is an all-in-one dashboard to publish, schedule, and manage your content on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin.

Welcoming LinkedIn Company Pages to Symphony

symphony_linkedinToday we’re happy to announce that Symphony now supports publishing and scheduling to LinkedIn company pages. You can now keep your LinkedIn company page updated along with your LinkedIn profiles and groups, and all your other Facebook and twitter accounts as well, from one place.

LinkedIn has been improving company pages rapidly, and we’ve been getting more and more questions about them in recent months. LinkedIn is a professional social network, so it makes perfect sense to have a presence for your business there. It’s where a lot of people look to learn more about your business, especially potential partners and employees. We’re also guilty of not keeping our LinkedIn page updated, but that ends today.

Connect your LinkedIn Company Page to Symphony

The process is similar to how you add other types of social accounts. Visit the home page, click “Add Profiles & Blogs”, select “LinkedIn”, and then select your company page. Simple.



Publishing and Scheduling to LinkedIn Company Pages

You don’t need to change your workflow at all. Use Crosspost as usual, and when you select your publishing targets, you’ll find your LinkedIn company page listed among them. You can publish immediately or schedule a post for later. You can even do it using the Crosspost Chrome extension so you don’t have to leave the Web page you’re on. How easy is that?




Announcing: Image Sharing Widgets

Hover over Me

You know how there is a ton of sharing widgets that you can put on your blog, right? They encourage your visitors to share your posts to their social networks. But, interestingly, there aren’t any that allow your visitors to share your pictures! It’s a big missing feature, isn’t it? After all, if you use an amazing image in your post, wouldn’t it make sense to let your readers share that image to their social networks with a link back to your post? That’s what we thought.

Today we’re releasing a simple sharing widget that you can put on your Website or blog to make sharing your pictures easy and fun. Once you add the simple code to your template, it will make all the images on your site sharable. When your users hover their mouse cursor over your images, a small Crosspost button will show up to encourage them to share that picture with a link back to your site. It’s simple, and it’s totally free for you and for your visitors.

Hover over the picture on the side to see this in action. It’s cool, right? And it’s easy to add to your site: Get Your Widget Here.