Symphony is an all-in-one dashboard to publish, schedule, and manage your content on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin.

Pulling Back the Curtains

opening the curtainTwo and a half months ago, on April 1st, we crossed our fingers and pushed the first version of Symphony Tools online. An early alpha product, still in development, and barely functioning. But we decided to show it early because we wanted to get our users involved and design a product that people loved. We scheduled one or two meetings a day with friends and volunteers and watched as they signed up and used the application. At first, everyone was confused. Clearly we had a lot of work ahead of us. Every day, after the meetings, we’d go back and change the application based on the feedback we got. Then repeat the process the next day.

Our goal from the start was to build an intuitive application. Of course nobody sets out to build a complicated product, but it happens gradually as you add features. To build something simple you must make simplicity your top priority, and you need the discipline to pass on features that complicate things even if you really like them. Our guideline was: if a feature needed instructions then it needed to be redesigned.

In the time since April 1st, Symphony gradually got simpler and more powerful. It also became beautiful and a pleasure to use. It was great watching that transformation. Towards the end of May the feedback we were getting was that of happiness and excitement. One user told us that she had tried many other apps recently and this was by far the easiest. We knew were were finally ready to show it to the world.

As we launch publicly today, we’re  thankful to everyone who was courageous enough to sign up when things were broken and give us feedback and suggestions. It was invaluable and we really appreciate it. Thank you, you’re awesome.

Haven’t tried it yet? Please do and let us know what you think: