Symphony is an all-in-one dashboard to publish, schedule, and manage your content on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin.

User Guide: Publishing Images

Built-in image editor with effects

Publishing Images Got a Whole Lot Awesomer! A tool designed for publishing beautiful content is at your fingertips. Added to the drag-an-drop and built-in image search features, the Symphony publisher now has the ability to connect directly to … [Continue reading]

Symphony Adds LinkedIn Integration

Add LinkedIn to Social Media management tool

We just released another update to our social media dashboard - LinkedIn integration! Now you can monitor, manage, and publish to your news feed and groups from one place. Here is a quick overview of the new features. Connecting your LinkedIn … [Continue reading]

How to Make Facebook’s Recent News Feed Update Work to Your Advantage

Photos get more engagement

On Tuesday, Facebook announced an update to its news feed algorithm and finally answered the mysterious question of "how the news feed actually works." The concept behind Facebook's news feed update is simple - the posts with the most likes, … [Continue reading]

7 Reasons All Marketers Should LOVE Images

Post larger photos to facebook

380 billion images were taken last year alone, making it clear that every marketer needs to embrace, and yes, LOVE images in social media. If you're not sure why you should love images, these 7 Reasons will help clear things up. 1. Photos get 53% … [Continue reading]

The Hottest Queue in the West

Howdy partners! As of today, scheduling your social media posts with Symphony just got sleeker with queues. We've replaced the multiple date and time selections with a single 'Queue' button. Symphony will slot posts to be published at the next … [Continue reading]

Pulling Back the Curtains

Two and a half months ago, on April 1st, we crossed our fingers and pushed the first version of Symphony Tools online. An early alpha product, still in development, and barely functioning. But we decided to show it early because we wanted to get our … [Continue reading]

Adding Your Profiles to Symphony

The first step to getting started with Symphony is to add the social profiles and blogs that you'd like to manage. Symphony is meant to be an all-in-one social media management dashboard, and it works better the more accounts you connect to it. Here … [Continue reading]

User Guide: Inbox

We designed Symphony's inbox with one purpose in mind: to make replying to all your brand mentions and messages as easy as possible. The inbox aggregates all your direct messages, tagged posts, and comments into one feed so you can see the latest … [Continue reading]

User Guide: Assign Tasks

Symphony's task (conversation?) center is a central hub where you can quickly respond to all incoming mentions, comments, messages, and conversations around your brand. Think of it as your social inbox. There are several powerful features in the task … [Continue reading]

User Guide: Brand Mentions Search

Brand search is a powerful feature to find out what people say about you on social networks. Symphony scours Twitter and Facebook to find mentions of your brand (and any common variations and misspellings) and present them in a simple list in one … [Continue reading]