Symphony is an all-in-one dashboard to publish, schedule, and manage your content on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin.

New Feature: Queue Top & Queue Random

How many times have you come across a great piece of timely content and wanted to shout it out to your entire social media empire? Typically, when you add a post to your publishing queue, it gets added to the end of the queue. If it’s a time sensitive post, it may get stale by the time it goes out.

Well, have we got a feature for you. As of today, you can slot posts straight to the top of your queue, so that fresh content goes out at the very next time slot. This hidden gem is tucked right under your SHIFT key.

But since we’re overachievers here, we’ve added not one, but two shortcuts for two options:

  • Queue Top: Press the Shift key and the “Queue” button will change to “Queue Top”. This adds the post to the top of your queue. For example, say you just found a timely post that you like to share today, at the next publishing time slot. But your queue has enough posts for a whole week. If you queue the post to the end, then it will be published a week later. The “Queue Top”, however, puts it in the front so it gets published first.
  • Queue Random: Press the ALT Key (Option key for Mac) and the Queue button will change to “Queue Random”. This is useful when you’re scheduling to multiple profiles and you want the post to go to each of them at different times. When you use this option, the post will be inserted in a random spot in each queue. For example, it might get inserted at the top of your Twitter queue and the middle of your LinkedIn queue, and so on.


And, as you know, if you need to rearrange your posts after the fact, you can always go to the queue page and drag posts around to reorder them, or click the “Shuffle” button to completely randomize the queue.

So happy Friday folks- now go forth  and skip to the front of the queue without the dirty looks!