Symphony is an all-in-one dashboard to publish, schedule, and manage your content on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin.

User Guide: Publishing Images

Publishing Images Got a Whole Lot Awesomer!

A tool designed for publishing beautiful content is at your fingertips. Added to the drag-an-drop and built-in image search features, the Symphony publisher now has the ability to connect directly to your Dropbox folder and edit your images! Photoshop skills? Who need ’em!

Built-in Image Search

Eliminate wasting ungodly amounts of time scouring the web for the perfect image to publish. The built-in image search suggests an image for your post based on what you write. All of the suggested images are public domain and creative commons. This is 2013, who has time for downloading and uploading anymore?

built in Image search in symphony

Built-in Image Editor

It’s ok if you aren’t a photoshop wiz. You can edit the photos you want to use right in the publisher. You can add text, filters, graphics, draw, and more. Quickly add your own flare to any image and make it unique. Create a new meme, add a hashtag, display your company’s url, highlight specific parts of an infographic, put a funny hat on a picture of your CEO… the options are endless!

edit photos in symphony publisher

Select effect in symphony image publishing

filters for symphonytools publishing


Publish edited images with symphony


Dropbox Integration

Grab your own photos from the cloud! The Dropbox plugin lets you use photos from any of your folders right within the publisher. If your mobile device is synced up to your Dropbox account, you can snap a picture of your coworker sleeping, add a great caption, and share it with the world!

Use images from dropbox with symphony

Edited images from Dropbox