Symphony is an all-in-one dashboard to publish, schedule, and manage your content on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin.

Adding Your Profiles to Symphony

The first step to getting started with Symphony is to add the social profiles and blogs that you’d like to manage. Symphony is meant to be an all-in-one social media management dashboard, and it works better the more accounts you connect to it. Here are the types of accounts you can connect:

  • Facebook profiles
  • Facebook business pages
  • Facebook groups (if you’re the group admin)
  • Twitter accounts
  • LinkedIn profile
  • LinkedIn Company Pages
  • Blogs you manage

Symphony will ask for Facebook permissions, including the ability to “post on your behalf”. Don’t worry! Symphony will never post anything unless you tell it to. Once you’re in Symphony you’ll see the home page like this:

how to link your social media profiles to symphony


To pick which individual Facebook pages you want to link click the Facebook button (Twitter will connect whichever account you’re currently logged in with). You’ll see a list of your pages appear:

Setup social media profiles with symphony


Once you’ve linked your desired profiles, click ‘Done’ and you’ll be taken to the home dashboard for the first time. This is what your profiles will look like:

connect social profiles to manage

If you need to link more profiles, click “Add profiles & blogs.”

Now that you’re set up there’s a few basic tasks you might also want to do:

You’re ready to rock and roll and start harmonizing your social media empire!

User Guide: Adding a Blog Tab to your Facebook Page

The Facebook Blog Tab adds a prominent app and menu item to your Facebook page to make your blog easily accessible to anyone visiting your Facebook page. This allows your fans to see your recent posts right on your Facebook page.



How to install the Blog Tab?

Three easy steps directly from the Symphony home page:

  1. Connect both, your blog and your Facebook page, to Symphony (by clicking “Add Profiles & Blogs”). You can find more details here.
  2. On the box of your Facebook page in Symphony click Add Blog Tab.

Add your Blog as a Tab on facebook business page


3. Then select the theme and layout for your tab, hit save, and you’re done.


Themes and Layouts

You can choose from several different types of layouts and themes. For example:

  • Full Post – great if you want to keep readers on your Facebook page
  • Post headlines with excerpt – ideal for previewing your blog and sending traffic back to your website
  • Large image gallery – perfect for showcasing your latest work


Customize the Tab’s Appearance on Facebook

If you want to further customize the look of your blog tab button and menu on Facebook, you can do so directly on Facebook. By default the tab button uses a light blue style that matches Facebook’s own style. Most users keep that default as it’s nice and consistent with Facebook’s default buttons. But if you like to customize that, then go to your page’s Settings section and edit the tab name and image there.




That’s all for setting up your blog tab. If you have any questions reach out to us on the chat box inside Symphony.